Assessments & Compliancy

If you're a medical practice or if your business takes credit cards, you're required to have an assessment to determine if you're compliant in protecting your data. 

Most executives don’t know what they do not know when it comes to IT, so they must put their trust in someone else. We created a suite of assessments to give you peace of mind that things are done right or to open your eyes to real challenges that you would not have known otherwise.

Also, many compliances and regulations require periodic assessments to stay compliant, including HIPAA in healthcare and PCI-DSS for companies that take credit cards. Most business insurance coverage excludes cyber insurance, and we highly recommend having a cyber insurance policy, which requires an assessment to ensure you are protecting your network and data. Without assessments, you expose yourself to being liable for a breach and fined heavily.

Having regularly scheduled assessments, whether it is an external or internal vulnerability assessment, or a HIPAA IT compliance assessment, or a penetration test, will allow you to fix potential weaknesses in your network and data security. You do not want to find out what vulnerabilities you have the hard way!

We will help you determine which assessments you need and the frequency required, and we will create a fixed-rate, Compliancy-as-a-Service plan for you to easily budget. The PCI-DSS assessment usually pays for itself in rate savings, as does the cyber insurance assessments. HIPAA assessments are required for any medical practice using ePHI (Electronic Protected Health Information), especially if you used Meaningful Use tax credits.

Don’t delay in contacting My IT -- your network and data may be vulnerable and you will only know if you’re protected by having an assessment (or find out that you aren't protected when you have a breach).

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