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Boost High Growth
If you are growing by 20% year over year or doubled your company in the past five years, then you are a high growth or even a hyper growth company.

Technology should empower and facilitate your growth, not hold you back. Unfortunately, most high-growth companies do not realize they have outgrown their IT infrastructure and possibly their IT support team, which is costing them money and future earnings.

Technology should never impede your growth. The challenge in running a business is that “you do not know, what you don’t know.” This is especially true with technology, which can be a high growth company’s downfall.

Having a small IT firm, especially one-person outfits, or using non-technical employees to advise you on technology can be detrimental. This detriment happens because they do not understand the bigger picture of where your company is going, or how your business is profitable. They tend to take the cheapest, quickest, and easiest route, not understanding that the Total Cost of Ownership will cost you double or triple the time and money down the road.

As your company grows, so should your IT support team. Scaling your IT team in-house is costly to do alone, and quite likely out of your skill set. You need technology to adapt to your company as it evolves, and eventually you need to start running your 5-person office like the enterprise corporation that it has become whether that means outsourcing your IT or developing a hybrid IT support team with a mix of in-house and outsourced solutions.

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