Cybersecurity is more than a tech buzzword these days and having a secure company requires much more than it did a few years ago.

The statistics are scary:

  • 58% of malware attack victims are SMBs – Verizon
  • 44% of SMBs victimized by a cyber-attack – Datto
  • 8 out of 10 physicians reported a cyber-attack in 2017 – AMA
  • $2,235,000 average cost of a cyber-attack in 2017 to SMB – Ponemon
  • 6% of companies survive a major data loss past 2 years – Gartner

Spam filters and anti-virus don’t cut it anymore, but that doesn’t mean cybersecurity needs to be expensive. Sometimes being more secure requires locking the door to the network closet or requiring a passcode to mobile devices – both are free things that better secure your company. Our philosophy on cybersecurity is simple – security requires layers and is a team effort, not limited to “a guy” in the office with a bunch of letters behind his name. Our approach is to layer different security measures end to end from the perimeter down to the workstations and endusers


We include everything

From spam filtering, web filtering, and anti-virus to next generation tools like Dark Web monitoring, cybersecurity awareness training, and threat hunting in our outsourced IT offering.

For IT leaders, we offer these same tools to you to better protect your company with our Overwatch Security Suite.

Because of our buying power, we can offer you all these tools at a fraction of the cost.

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