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How Natural Disasters Impact Businesses
June 1, 2018 at 8:00 AM
by Guest Author

Business owners can spend many sleepless nights worrying about the myriad disasters that can strike their companies. Will there be a labor dispute? Will the server go down tomorrow? Is an employee going to say something stupid on social media? In any case, being prepared and having a plan for these disasters is key to weathering the storm for any business. However, there’s one type of disaster that shockingly few businesses seem to have detailed plans to deal with, and it’s pretty obvious when you think about it. Many businesses only think about natural disasters in the context of how they’ll get their employees to safety in the moment, but they don’t consider all of the lasting impacts those disasters can have on their ongoing operations.

Natural disasters are a two-pronged threat to businesses: There’s the immediate threat to people and property, but there’s also the lingering after-effects. A snowstorm can knock out power for days, a flood can leave crucial transportation routes impassable, and a tornado can cause major damage to a business’s vital facilities. In any event, being prepared for a natural disaster means more than having emergency routes planned and stocking up on canned food. Businesses need to consider all of the ways in which these disasters can affect their operations and be ready to implement contingencies. Doing so can be the difference between survival and the alternative. For more information about how natural disasters can impact your business and some tips for being better prepared, consult the infographic below. There are so many reasons why business owners can lose sleep at night — don’t let natural disasters be one of them.

Author bio: Jeff Flanagan is Senior Solution Consultant for Precision Software, a trusted leader in global trade and transportation execution. He has been in the supply chain execution industry for 35 years in support, implementation, project management and sales consulting.

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