Over the last 15+ years, we've worked with hundreds of businesses in a number of industries, we found these industries are underserviced technology-wise.

Automotive IT

IT for Auto Dealerships in New Orleans

We've worked with auto dealerships for 15+ years, from small dealers to Fortune 500 ones with locations across the country.

We understand your pains with your DMS (Dealership Management Software), that you can’t lose a deal because F&I’s printer jams, and that your service writer needs to connect their tablet to the wi-fi outside.

Technology has revolutionized the automotive industry and auto dealerships are now technology powerhouses that can track customer life cycles, expedite writing service tickets, and make car buying easier and faster, while reducing labor costs.

Without the right IT team supporting your dealership, all those benefits become roadblocks effecting your bottom line.

Most IT firms don’t understand the auto industry. They are not accustomed to shared computers in each department; communications across different departments like sales, service, & parts at each dealership; and working with your DMS along with your regional dealership network and brand systems.

That’s why we created Drive IT.

Auto Dealerships Information
Proactive measures that save auto dealerships time & money

Our vast experience working with auto dealerships allows you to focus on growing your dealership instead of stressing about internet outages, PCI compliance, and meeting your brand’s new technology & security requirements.

Better IT doesn’t have to cost more either. In many cases, we can improve efficiency and reduce your risk by spending your IT budget better and by getting ahead of the problems with our proactive approach to IT support.

Contact My IT to get a well-oiled machine for your auto dealership’s IT support -- one that understands your business and can keep your dealership operational and profitable for years to come.

We’ve worked with nearly every auto brand out there, and some RV and boat dealers too.

  • DMS Support

    We're the firstline of support for our client's CDK, DealerTrack, Reynolds & Reynolds, & IDS issues.

  • PCI Compliance

    Easily pass your PCI audits and know that your company data and your customers' privacy is secure.

  • Nationwide Scalability

    We've grown our expertise in the auto dealership by helping our clients scale and acquire dealerships out of state.

Healthcare IT

IT for New Orleans Medical Practices

The healthcare industry is not what it used to be. It is hard for medical providers to focus on caring for their patients when they have so much to worry about on the business side of things with insurance and Medicare billings, HIPAA, cybersecurity, and did we mention HIPAA?

We’ve worked with medical providers for nearly two decades and we’ve seen the evolution of the industry -- how technology can both help and hinder a small practice, and how hard it can be to interpret HIPAA’s requirement for “best efforts”.

Typically, healthcare providers we start working with are tired of reactive, break/fix IT approaches, and they need a proactive, efficient solution to grow the practice and to make the doctors and the staff more productive while reducing their risk.

Our expertise in providing IT support for healthcare providers lead us to create our Healthy IT offering.

Doctor with a stethoscope
Our proactive approach allows doctors to see more patients each day and reduces the headaches for medical practice managers.

Technology should make life easier and enable you to run your practice more efficient, not be a roadblock.

Your medical practice obviously needs stringent security, but it can’t get in the way of making a profit. Making money in healthcare is not a bad thing, after all, you cannot care for patients if you close your doors. We understand how to implement enterprise-grade security that does not impact your day-to-day work and prevents you from being on the news regarding a breach.

We understand that protecting your PHI (Protected Health Information), whether digital or paper, is paramount.

We can get your IT infrastructure healthy and keep it healthy so you can reduce your downtime, increase productivity, and, most importantly, stop worrying. Contact My IT to have an IT partner and HIPAA advisor on your team.

Founding member of LA Healthcare Support Alliance.


    Medical practices must adhere to HIPAA vague guidelines requiring "best effort".

  • Cybersecurity

    Protecting your data is vital regardless of HIPAA or not. Losing your data can close your practice.

  • Efficiency

    To stay profitable in today's marketplace, doctors must see more patients in less time.

Construction IT

IT for Architecture, Engineering, & Construction firms in New Orleans

Companies in the build industry require a knowledgeable IT team that understands the complex logistics required on every construction project -- multiple companies working in concert, most of your workforce in the field, and needing real-time access to data and communications.

We take IT to a new level in construction through our proven processes, industry knowledge, and best-in-class standards with our Build IT program.

The A/E/C (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) industry is complex and like no other because for each project your company may work with 10 to 30+ other companies, and each project manager is running multiple projects simultaneously. Because of this alone, your data needs to be secure, yet accessible; timing is everything because one hiccup in logistics causes a ripple effect on your project schedule.

Architect at work
We’ve worked in the construction industry since day 1 of our company and we know it exceptionally well.

We help our clients secure their networks, provide vital access for bidding, and support their teams in the field. We’ve helped our construction clients to scale two, three times their initial size and we provide the infrastructure and communication tools for them to be second responders after disasters to assess damages and clear roadways.

My IT helps you use technology as a strategic asset and to maximize your profitability on every project. It comes down to having the right technology for the right people and the right job; just like having the right equipment for the job at hand. We discuss the ROI (Return on Investment) with our clients when it comes to data backup, security, access management, communications, and more.

Our build industry clients have centralized document management systems that they can access easily from the field, share large files with teams inside and outside their organization, and they don’t have the printing challenges that always seem to pop up on bid days.

Over the past two decades we’ve seen the construction industry go from one of the laggards in technology usage to an industry that pioneers technology. Construction tech is now a sub-industry all unto itself and if you are not utilizing technology to grow your A/E/C firm, then it costs you dearly.

Ready to build your construction company with technology instead of having it demolish your vision for growth, contact My IT today.

  • Security

    You have confidential building plans that can't be leaked along with personal data for hundreds of employees to protect.

  • Nimbleness

    Construction companies don't work in traditional offices; their "offices" regularly change between jobsites and tasks.

  • Efficiency

    You have to make the most of every project and technology delays cause ripple effects on schedules & profitability.


(Small-to-Medium sized Business)

IT for SMBs in New Orleans
A dependable business service with experts who know what it takes to succeed in their niche.

It is imperative that SMB (Small-to-Medium sized Business) fully utilize technology to be competitive today, not only to garner new clients, but to attract the right employees. The right technology shows both prospective clients and employees that you invest in your company for the long-term and invest in your people to make their lives easier.

With our outsourced IT support, we become your company’s in-house IT department and we scale as you grow. For many SMBs, outsourcing their IT is a more cost-efficient solution than hiring an entire IT department, especially in the company’s early growth stages.

Companies with critical, intricate systems or that need to be cutting-edge, a hybrid IT team may be the right fit where they have an IT director or CTO (Chief Technology Officer) on staff to research and implement new initiatives while My IT handles the day-to-day, end-user support.

Since our founding in 2000, we’ve seen the evolution of technology in the workplace go from driving efficiencies to data security. The need for data protection is overwhelming apparent for businesses today. Unfortunately, SMBs have become easy targets for hackers and nearly half of SMBs have been victimized by a cyber-attack [Datto].

Facebook Cover Photos
Let's grow your business together.

Data protection requires more than strong firewalls and strict spam filters. We believe in a layered security plan, covering our clients from end-to-end with Dark Web monitoring and active threat hunting to cybersecurity awareness training for all users.

Protecting your data means more than just security though; it requires backups that work. That is why we developed a proprietary software, Backup RadarTM, to monitor and remediate backups automatically, which ensures our clients’ backups work properly.

With My IT, your IT is more than just a help desk responding to tickets and putting out fires. We’re attacking repetitive issues to prevent them from reoccurring and automating processes to expedite our response times to keep your team members working at 100%.

Because of our proactive approach to IT, our clients experience less technology issues, which decreases employee downtime thus skyrocketing your company’s ROI (Return on Investment) on your technology budget skyrockets. (See our ROI page to dive in deeper.)

We’re more than a traditional IT firm, we’re business technologist and we get involved in your business. As a client, you will work in tandem with one of our vCIOs (Virtual Chief Information Officers). Your vCIO is more than just an account manager; they get to know your business, make recommendations to get the best bang for your buck, and help guide you on how to best utilize technology to grow your business.

Tired of banging your head against the wall with your current IT company and ready to experience what it’s like to have a team of business technologists working to driving your business forward?

Contact us and let’s see how we can grow your business together

  • Data Protection

    You can't afford the lost time, lost clients, and lost prospects due to a data breach.

  • Efficiency

    When it's you versus the titans of your industry, you must utilize technology to be efficient and nimble to compete.

  • Consistent Budgets

    SMBs need consistent, predicatable budgets and an IT firm that can offer operational and capital options.