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Over the last 15+ years, we've worked with hundreds of businesses in a number of industries, we found these industries are underserviced technology-wise.

We’ve worked in numerous industries since 2000, but our culture of being proactive and efficient lends itself to certain industries that are dependent on technology to stay operational, to drive productivity, and to empower technology for business growth.

Our work delivers strong ROI within these types of companies:

  • Automotive Dealerships need proactive solutions to secure their data, communicate across departments, and keep deals running smooth; otherwise, it can cost them sales and service customers.
  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction Firms need 24/7 access to large files from outside their office for employees, subs, and JVs. Near 100% uptime is a must to prevent project schedule delays and to maximize profitability on each project.
  • Medical Practices are constantly trying to improve the doctors and staff’s productivity. You need a team that can fix it quickly the first time while working around the doctors. Get an advisor that understands securing ePHI following HIPAA guidelines, so you do not get a penalized.

Even if your business does not fit into one of these industries and you need proactive support, secure data, and technology to drive your business, contact us.

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