A/E/C Firms - Construction Companies

Architecture/Engineering/Construction firms struggle to collaborate with multiple companies quickly and securely from remote locations, not to mention needing to stay productive.


The A/E/C (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) industry is complex and like no other because for each project your company may work with 10 to 30+ other companies, and each project manager is running multiple projects simultaneously. Because of this alone, your data needs to be secure, yet accessible; timing is everything because one hiccup in logistics causes a ripple effect on your project schedule.

We’ve worked in the construction industry since day 1 of our company, and we know it exceptionally well. We help our clients secure their networks, provide vital access for bidding, and support their teams in the field. Over our 16 years working in this industry, we’ve helped them scale two, three times their initial size and we provide the infrastructure and communication tools for them to be second responders after disasters to assess damages and clear roadways.

My IT helps you use technology as a strategic asset and to maximize your profitability on every project. It comes down to having the right technology for the right people and the right job; just like having the right equipment for the job at hand. We discuss the ROI with our clients when it comes to data backup, security, access management, communications, and more.

Our build industry clients have centralized document management systems that they can access easily from the field, share large files with teams inside and outside their organization, and they don’t have the printing challenges that always seem to pop up on bid days.

In the last 16 years, the construction industry has gone from one of the laggards in technology usage to an industry that pioneers technology. If you are not utilizing technology to grow your business, then it costs you dearly.

Ready to build your business with technology instead of having it demolish your vision for growth, contact My IT today.

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