Automotive Dealerships

Auto dealerships have unique technology challenges from wowing prospective buyers in the showroom to servicing customers quickly in the shop to effieciently managing accounting. 

header_auto_dealership.jpgWe understand that the sales and the service departments drive your automotive dealerships, and any downtime can cost you big!

You need proactive solutions to keep your dealership running smooth and immediate support in the evening and on weekends, because if your F&I person’s printer jams at 8 pm, you can have multiple deals walk out the door for good.

We help you improve your network infrastructure that is crippling your profitability, and turn it into an asset for your business. When your network goes down frequently, it requires everyone to stop working and wait for someone to come by and fix it. Investing in the right solution upfront prevents ongoing headaches on the back end and increases the entire company's productivity.

Proactive measures that save auto dealerships time & money:

  • Access Management – Safeguard your CRM and financials before another employee walks out the door with everything
  • PCI Compliance – Lower your credit card fees and fortify your network from a data breach
  • Web Filtering – Prevents employees and customers on your public Wi-Fi from downloading malicious viruses and viewing content unsuitable for work

Most IT firms don’t get the auto industry. They are not accustomed to shared computers in each department; communications across different departments like sales, service, & parts at each dealership; and working with your DMS (Dealership Management Software) along with your regional dealership network and brand systems. We not only get your business, but we have worked with dozens of dealerships for over a decade, and we love it. We even use BrightSign® in our office to display team accomplishments and real-time dashboards.

Contact My IT to get a well-oiled machine for your auto dealership’s IT support; one that understands your business and can keep your dealership operational and profitable for years to come.

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