Manufacturing & Trucking

Many Manufacturers and Trucking companies run 24/7/365 and
because of this, they can't afford any downtime. 

header_manufacturing.jpgMany manufacturers and trucking companies run two shifts or operate 24/7, so their technology needs to keep up, and it cannot go down. Running long hours strains your IT infrastructure and requires an IT support firm like My IT to give you a proactive mindset, proper planning, and quality equipment. We also work with you to schedule technology maintenance around your schedule because we understand that unplanned downtime costs you money!

To get what you need to stay running and profitable, you need a personal relationship with your IT support team, so they know how technology impacts your business. You have no room for error and “yes men” do you absolutely no good.

My IT is the “measure twice, cut once” company that you need because planning is critical, both with the big picture and in the small details. We have seen many manufacturers and trucking operations pay for the best equipment money can buy (usually more than they need too) and then use cut-rate components and wires that fail them because of the 24/7/365 usage. They come to us to get it right the first time.

Also, besides being proactive, you need a team that can “move Heaven and Earth” to help you get operational again when things do go out. Fast resolutions require knowing your business, documenting your processes, and a team that can support you after hours.

Contact My IT and get a team that understands your business and maximizes your productivity, which increases your profitability. Don’t get caught again when your technology brings your company to a halt!

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