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Time is money for professional services firms with partners billing in excess of $200/hour,
so you can't settle for downtime, slow networks, or cumbersome remote access. 

header_professional_services.jpgIT for professional services firms sounds simple because your work environment is indoors, used by educated professionals, and during normal business hours. However, most firms bill hundreds of dollars per hour times dozens or hundreds of employees – this means a network outage can cost a firm thousands of dollars! So the pressure is on and this is why handling IT yourself is challenging. Taking a billable team member or executive off a billable project to fix something, not only makes him/her unbillable, but the rest of the affected employees are sitting idle and unbillable. Most likely that lost time could have been prevented with specialized expertise and tools that only an IT firm would invest in.

We also understand that professional services firms also don’t work 9 to 5 anymore; they work all hours of the day and night with mobile devices, and they need remote access as more employees work from home, even if just one day a week. This accessibility requires strong bandwidth and security that doesn’t compromise productivity.

To improve performance and efficiency, you need the right technology for the right people. Your data also needs to be backed up correctly and verified that it works; otherwise, you can lose a day, week, or year’s worth of work costing you lost time and client relationships.

Looking for an ROI-based, proven IT support team that can grow your business with technology instead of crippling it? Contact My IT to maximize your team’s productivity and to get the most out of your IT budget.

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