Managed IT Services

With our Managed IT Services, we take care of everything from your help desk to being your CTO, including procurement, Anti-Virus protection, monitoring, & your technical liaison.

With a name like My IT, we act as your internal IT department. This relationship works great for small and medium-sized companies that do not need a full-time IT employee, and are not getting the advice, attention, and support from a smaller IT firm.

What do we mean by Managed IT Services? Basically, we’re all in. We handle all of your IT needs, and we become your in-house CIO (Chief Information Officer). With Managed IT Services, we eliminate the need for you to hire and manage skill sets outside your comfort zone. This service also allows you to run your day-to-day operations while leveraging technology to grow your business; which is especially important for high-growth companies.

Our Managed IT Services is a bit different than other IT firms. Because we have been doing it since 2003, our processes have matured, and it is more of a culture than just a product. Many IT firms call it “managed services,” but it is really a fixed-cost for their break/fix mentality and they never proactively prevent problems from arising like we do.

In a nutshell, Managed IT Services means we are...

  • Proactive -We keep your technology (the backbone of your business) efficient and in peak performance by using best-in-class standards. This approach maximizes your ROI in all facets of your technology so your business can thrive without you being an IT pro.
  • Protective -We work hard to protect your network and data without impacting your productivity. You can stop being paranoid about your data and security with us.
  • Personal - You are not a nameless network with us. You have a dedicated support team that takes ownership in helping you operate and grow. Plus, you get an entire team of technology experts with an average tenure over five years (over double the industry average), meaning you will get to know your team well. We take relationships with our clients and their IT personally, hence the name My IT.

In the end, we take all the responsibilities and risk to ensure you a well-protected network and a productive company with a personal touch. If you are craving an IT firm that is proactive and talks ROI, not the latest tech widget, then we should talk -- contact My IT today.

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