Our Philosophies & Processes

We're relationship-based and look at the long view of things. We take pride in our employee retention rate, which is over double the industry standard. In addition, many of our clients have been with us for over a decade. 

Because we plan to work together for so long, the right fit means more to us than volume. As our CEO David Bourgeois says, “We want to fit a round peg into a round hole. Square pegs obviously don’t fit, so we have to be careful of oval pegs because an oval peg just grinds on a round hole and no one is happy.”

We look for clients, vendors, and employees that are proactive, seek efficiency, and speak in ROI (Return On Investment). We focus on the ROI to get the right technology for the right people and for the job at hand. Being penny wise and dollar foolish is absurd in our eyes.

We consistently evaluate and adjust our processes to be more efficient and we always utilize best-in-class tools and provide that same best-in-class offering to our clients. Our proactive mindset and culture allows us to have less support issues a day than 98% of our peers and we resolve them each day, meaning we don’t start each morning playing catch up. This commitment to being proactive perpetuates itself and provides our clients a level of support that reactive companies can never offer.

In the end, our culture of being Proactive, Protective, and Personal ensures your company is efficient and that the dollars you spend on your technology are best utilized to run and grow your business. If you think our culture and philosophies mesh well with yours, let’s talk.

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