Network Command Center

IT tools every tech needs at a budget they can afford
Robust IT Toolset for IT Departments
All the Tools You Need to Run Your IT Dept

IT is a tough gig these days with more devices and users to manage, limited resources, and never enough budget to get the tools you need to really get ahead, let alone to tread water. Pile on more cybersecurity risks than ever and most IT leaders feel like all they do is fight fires every day.

We’ve created a cost-efficient way to empower IT departments by offering them the right tools for the job; the tools most think are too expensive or take too much time to implement. With our IT toolset, Network Command Center, your IT team gets the same enterprise-level tools My IT uses to manage thousands of users and endpoints for a small fraction of what it costs your company to get comparable tools.

Network Command Center IT Toolkit includes these best-in-class suites:

  • Traditional IT Security Tools

    Anti-Virus Software

    Microsoft Patch Management

    3rd Party Patch Management

    Web Filtering Software

    Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Software

    Hard Drive Destruction

  • Next Gen Cybersecurity Toolset

    Compliance Monitoring (SEIM)

    Security Operations Center

    Active Threat Hunting

    Dark Web Monitoring

    Phishing Email Testing

    Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Office 365 Security Suite

    Email Backup

    Email Archiving

    Spam Filtering with Advanced Threat Detection

    Email Encryption

  • Management Tool Suite

    Help Desk Ticketing System

    Administrator & End-User Password Management

    IT Document Management System (DMS)

    Network Diagram Tool

  • Vendor Management Suite

    Procurement of Hardware & Software

    Procurement of Data & Voice

  • Monitoring Tools

    Bandwidth Monitoring

    Hardware Monitoring

Tremendous ROI

You can get all of these IT tools and reports for less than the cost of purchasing five comparable tools yourself.

How can we offer these tools at such a steep discount? It’s simple – we buy in volume and we have access to tools that are exclusive to IT firms.

So, if you’re an IT leader with dozens of tickets piling up each day, great ideas that never get implemented because you don’t have time, or you dread a cyber risk audit because you know your company can’t pass it, then contact us to demo these tools.

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