Network Command Center

Most large companies with internal IT departments can not justify buying expensive enterprise-level monitoring and management tools, so use ours. 

Our Network Command Center is built for medium and large-sized companies with in-house IT departments and provides you with enterprise-level monitoring, security, and reporting. This offering transforms a reactive team fighting exhaustion, complacency, or atrophy by providing them the tools to become proactive and more efficient. It also includes reporting tools for both IT directors and non-technical executives.

We developed this resource utilizing knowledge from years of working with in-house IT teams and we extrapolated the essential elements that make those relationships a true partnership – the tools that a company cannot afford, a local resource to implement these tools, and advice without stepping on the in-house IT department’s toes. Because they are in-house, they know the environment and its nuances, but they are left handcuffed without the right tools. A ripple effect gets created from dozens of urgent help desk tickets piling up each day, which causes numerous projects to get orphaned. Then the solutions to prevent the help desk tickets from occurring can’t get worked on, and the cycle spins downward quickly.

Network Command Center offers you the enterprise-level tools that we use ourselves to manage thousands of devices so you can become proactive at a small fraction of the cost to perform these tasks yourself.

Network Command Center Toolkit includes these best-in-class suites:

Security Suite:

  • Anti-Virus Software
  • Microsoft Patching
  • 3rd Party Patching
  • Web Filtering Software
  • Remote Control
    Management Software
  • Annual External
    Vulnerability Assessment

Monitoring Suite:

  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Hardware Monitoring

Email Security Suite:

  • Office 365 Backup
  • Email Archiving
  • Spam Filtering
  • Email Encryption

Vendor Management Suite:

  • Procurement of Hardware
    & Software
  • Procurement of Data & Voice

Reporting Suite:

  • Patch Reporting
  • Backup Reporting
  • Network Reporting
  • Monthly Executive Summary

For a 100-user company, these tools would cost you over $3,550 a month and take 166-316 hours to implement and manage! (P.S. – That is 1-2 additional hires!)

On top of the cost and time savings, you get insights into your network, education on using these tools, and a local expert resource without the expense and fuss of supporting the back-end management of each tool. Get all of these best-in-class, enterprise level tools starting at $25 / user per month.

Get your IT team proactive without having to hire additional employees for a cost less than most quality, part-time IT professionals. It’s a no-brainer. Call My IT to see how we can help make your team more efficient and proactive.

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