Overwatch Security Suite

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Cybersecurity Toolset for IT Departments
Next-Gen Cybersecurity Tools at Bulk Prices

Every day you see headlines about a major cyber-attack and data breach. As an IT leader, you’re probably asking yourself, “When will they hit us?” Or worse, “Is a hacker on my network right now?”

The statistics aren’t in your favor when 40% of IT professionals don’t have the ability to determine if they’ve been breached (Barkley) and 44% of SMBs are victimized by a cyber-attack (Datto).

Today firewalls, anti-virus, and spam filtering are not enough to protect your company. You know your career in IT is on the line, but you feel like you can’t budget the right tools to properly protect your company.

That is exactly why we created our Overwatch Security Suite. Overwatch empowers IT leaders with the tools they need, which don't require oversight (more manpower to manage and monitor), at a budget they can afford.

These next-generation cybersecurity tools are the same tools My IT utilizes every day to protect thousands of users from hackers. With hundreds of networks to monitor and thousands of endpoints, we needed tools that cover our backs and alert us only when something needs our attention. We can’t afford to be bombarded with false positive alerts or tools that don’t work at scale.

Our Next-Gen Cybersecurity Toolset for IT Departments includes:

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    Watchtower Monitoring

    Gain visibility by actively parsing your logs to find the proverbial needle in a haystack - both systematically and via humans - sending you alerts when activity doesn't fit the norm or adhere to your policies with our SIEM [Security Information and Event Management] and 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) based in the United States.

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    Active Threat Hunting

    Sweep your servers and workstations to identify hacker footholds missed by anti-virus and other protections. Get actionable instructions to remediate the breach thus reducing a hacker’s presence on your devices down from months to minutes.

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    Cybersecurity Awareness Training

    Train your “weakest link”, your company’s employees, how to be your first and last line of defense with ongoing, automated micro-trainings and phish testing.

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    Dark Web Monitoring

    Proactively monitor the internet's black market 24/7/365 to know if your employees' usernames and passwords are being sold, including your executives' personal email passwords. Get notified if your company is affected by a breach, often before it hits the news.

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    Backup Radar

    An exclusive software that automates the monitoring and remediation of your backups because the best defense against ransomware is a strong backup.

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    End-User Password Vault

    Easily manage your company's passwords and processes in a secure password vault, that is SOC 2 compliant and includes version history, team sharing, browser extensions, and mobile apps.

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