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Productivity Improvements with iOS11
October 10, 2017 at 8:00 AM
by Perryn Olson

Apple’s new operating system, iOS11, is chock full of fun new features like gifs integrated in the Photo app and VR flyover cities. Instead of listing the 100+ changes, let’s focus on the twelves updates that can improve productivity for your business.

Top iOS 11 Productivity Improvements

  1. Transition Phones – Apple made it even easier to transition to a new phone (of course). You can now import all of your settings, preferences, and keychain passwords wirelessly just by having the two phones next to each other.
  2. Centralized & Customizable Control center – You can do more with fewer clicks and finger swipes because iOS11 has all the controls in one location and you can customize what is included via Settings.
  3. Simpler Notifications – The new interface also centralized notifications, making them easier to review and dismiss. You can also make a notification persistent, allowing it to stay visible until you’re done with that reminder.
  4. Do Not Disturb while Driving – A key, potential life-saving feature, allows you to disable texts and notifications while you’re driving so you can pay attention to the road. I expect many companies to require this setting for all their drivers, much like companies banning talking on phones while driving.
  5. Indoor Maps – It is hard to imagine a world without GPS systems and digital maps to find buildings. Now, you can navigate the interior of public places like malls and airports with Apple Maps, which will probably be expanded to museums and office buildings soon.
  6. Scan Documents – Since most people don’t walk around with scanners in their pockets, Apple made scanning a document just like taking a photo. The app will align the image and create a digital image of the paper document automatically.
  7. Draw on Screenshots + Mark Up PDFs – Many professionals are on the go every day, whether traveling out of town or running around town from one meeting to the next one, you can now easily draw on documents like PDF files and screenshots to make communicating with others easier. [This feature is long overdue in my eyes.]
  8. Draw on Notes & Emails – Additionally, you can draw on an empty canvas per say, in Notes and Email apps.
  9. Tables in Notes & Lock Notes – One of the iPhone’s original apps, Notes, received some needed features including the ability to lock notes that contain sensitive information and the ease of organizing data in tables.
  10. Screen Record – A new key feature our team will enjoy is easily recording instructions for our clients directly on the iPhone and iPad without needing a third-party app.
  11. File App – As businesses and people go to more cloud-based platforms, this app will make it easier for you to find files online and sync them between all of your devices.
  12. Siri translates – For those traveling abroad or dealing with international clients, you can now ask Siri to translate English to Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Chinese by asking her via voice or text [another new feature].

With all these advances in productivity with iOS11, now you have time for other things like playing Angry Birds or checking Facebook.

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