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Protect Your Data
This statistic is alarming – Only 6% of companies survive past two years after a major loss of data [Ponomon].

That is an older statistic from 2011 focused more on the need for backups, but in today’s ruthless world of cyberattacks, data protection requires both data replication and robust cybersecurity.

Here is another scary statistic for you to consider. While very large companies, such as LinkedIn and Mariott, can weather the storm of having their brands diminished by these attacks, Paychex found that as many as 60% of hacked small and medium-sized businesses shut down within 6 months of a data breach becoming public knowledge. [That percentage is consistent across numerous studies and reports from different sources.] Also, they found that more than 70% of attacks are targeted at small businesses. That is a recipe for disaster for SMBs.

You can replace buildings, office furniture, and hardware, but you cannot replace years of intellectual data, accounting information, and digital assets. Unfortunately, you have numerous threats that can wipe out your data, ranging from natural disasters, human error, and cyber-attacks.

Data protection is not something you can take lightly because even a small breach can damage your reputation and if you are without your data, even for just a few days, it can make it near impossible to come back from successfully.

We take a three-pronged approach to data protection:

1. Robust Backups – For natural disasters and hardware failures, backups are paramount. With the added risk of cyber-attacks, strong backups are the best way to combat ransomware. Regardless of the need, your backups must work every time without any doubts. We are so adamant about backups that we developed a proprietary software to verify and remediate backups automatically.

2. Layered Cybersecurity – Our clients need an affordable, scalable way to protect their data that doesn’t get in the way of doing business. We layer our security efforts to better protect our clients’ data, including utilizing next-generation technology and artificial intelligence.

3. Transparency – We regularly review our clients’ infrastructure, policies, and data protection programs to ensure everything is working properly and we inform our clients about any potential gaps. We also work with our clients to evaluate the risks and the ROI (Return On Investment) in order to minimizing any disruptions to their work.

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