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Return on Investment
Whether you’re a SMB owner, CFO, or IT director, you need to see an ROI (Return on Investment) from your IT budget.

After all, that is why businesses started to utilize technology in the first place – to reduce manual, repetitive labor and become more efficient to increase their bottom line.

However, many businesses today see their ROI stagnating or even decreasing with the increased cost of technology, in part caused by increased cybersecurity requirements.

With My IT’s proactive approach, our clients see a stronger ROI because we increase efficiency and decrease downtime while reducing the business’s risk, regardless whether you outsource your IT, have an IT department, or have a hybrid IT team

Here’s the ROI...

Businesses see a direct correlation between the amount of time IT spends doing reactive IT support and the amount of downtime your employees have. For simplicity, let’s use a 100-user environment for our example.

As you can see, it pays to have a proactive IT team. The key to being proactive is to work on both preventing problems from occurring and minimizing the time needed to troubleshoot the issues that do arise. While other IT firms may brag about how fast they pick up the phone, we still know preventing you from calling is better than picking up the phone. (And we pick up the phone within 10 minutes because we get less tickets every day than 98% of our competitors per a SolarWinds review.)

How do we get ahead & stay proactive?

We do the right thing the first time, use automation and AI [Artificial Intelligence] for cybersecurity (as well as for this website), practice lifecycle management, utilize the right tools for the job, have minimal turnover with clients, and we take care of our team.

We can generally move a company, whether they use us for IT or have in-house IT, from a highly reactive environment to an average environment in about 3-6 months just by putting our tools, policies, and best practices into place.

The move to a highly proactive environment that gets you the best ROI takes 12-24 months as it generally requires replacing aging or overutilized servers, network equipment, and workstations as well as training the end-users to be more cyber aware. In most cases, it is NOT about spending more money for IT, but spending it better.