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If you're looking to hire My IT or work here, you want to know you're in good hands.

Written Letters from Our Clients:


I want you to know how thrilled I have been with the work of your team, Richard and Michael, helping us with moving both dealerships in the last 45 days. To say they have been spectacular would be an understatement! They have improvised and overcome every hurdle that came their way and worked incredibly well with all of the vendors and local folks helping us.

Please give them a pat on the back from me and the entire Victory team!

- Eric Gentry, Premier Automotive

Since we have been a customer with My IT, I am able to function fully in my CEO role with the confidence of knowing our IT is being managed proactively. From equipment purchases to the installation of new applications, I have been taken out of the day-to-day set up and maintenance of equipment for the stores. I am now able to dedicate myself to the job of CEO which is vital to the future growth of our company. I am 100% satisfied with my decision to partner with My IT, and will gladly recommend their services to other businesses in the area.

- Stuart Perque, CEO of Perque Carpets & Drapery

Comments from Closed Support Tickets Last Quarter:

He did great. I told him the issue, he knew where to go and what to do. He even knew what he needed me to do on my end to resolve the issue. IT was perfect and it took no more than 5 min. Thank you My IT! - 7/3/17

All your guys are a true value and I appreciate their assist very much. Thank you My IT. - 7/3/17

Your team always has the best attitude when I call with a problem! - 7/5/17

My IT did it right!! - 7/10/17

Thank you so much for all of your help the past couple of weeks with QB. Ya'll have been awesome! - 7/12/17

Extremely tenacious. - 7/13/17

Appreciate the quick service; got the new employee up and running. Thank You. - 7/13/17

Thanks for taking care of my problem so quickly. - 7/14/17

My IT was incredibly helpful and super efficient. Your knowledge of Quickbooks and Windows is out of this world. Thank you! - 7/17/17

My problem was fixed very fast, thanks! - 7/20/17

Competent, fast and efficient. - 7/21/17

My IT was fast, polite, and professional. - 7/21/17

ALWAYS GREAT! - 7/22/17

My IT was very professional, patient and helpful. - 7/24/17

After creating a case file with CDK about an issue with their program "not launching" for a day, I started a case with My IT. After I contacted CDK two more times (they didn't update me), I was told that my case had been escalated to a team that handles these TECHNICAL ISSUES. I didn't get any more response from them.
However, My IT contacted me a little later and ask me to give the CDK LAUNCH a test. The test worked without a problem.
I am grateful for the proactive team that responded to a serious problem at a critical time for me to continue doing business. We don't have many issues with our system. If I do, My IT usually fixes any problems with 1 call in the same hour. I appreciate that professional dedication. - 

My IT was awesome! They found the problem and fixed it. My IT is very patient and helpful. Thank you very much! - 7/28/17

The GC Pay integration with Viewpoint was handled extremely quickly. It was something that needed to be done ASAP with very little notice and it was done right away. Thank you. - 7/31/17

Perfect service, thank you. - 8/2/17

My IT  was very professional and quick to resolve the problem. I greatly appreciate the help!! - 8/2/17

Just another AWESOME job by My IT!!! Thanks for being so fast and so good at everything you guys do! Not only are you all good at what you do, but you all are always so sweet. We can feel the smile on your face when we call. lol But, it is true! - 8/8/17

As always the staff at My IT are professional and handle matters in a timely manner. Even when I indicate that it is not a rush, they still respond within the same day and take care of the matter based upon my availability to get the issue resolved. :o) - 8/14/17

As usual, you guys rock...many thanks. - 8/14/17

I might be overly paranoid about my computer, but our company has some strict rules; and, frankly, I don't want to be the one to mess anything up. So, yeah, I depend on My IT for everything.
This time, I needed a very simple thing, but was having a crazy day away from my desk. My IT was able to fix my computer by dialing in while I was away. That's excellent service! - 8/24/17

My IT always does a jam-up job for me. Really appreciate them. - 8/31/17

My IT was absolutely awesome. - 8/31/17

My IT was very helpful and took the time to work out my mistake. Thank you for the prompt service as well as resolution to my problem. - 8/31/17

My IT is always a pleasure to work with. - 9/1/17

The follow up on ALL my tickets is so fast and very thorough. Fantastic job! - 9/7/17

I love the persistence you guys show in problem resolution. - 9/12/17

Always the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 9/15/17


I really appreciate the "GREAT" Service that My IT applied to my Needs. It was Critical that I able to do my online test with Mercedes-Benz. My IT called me within a couple of hours with a wonderful fix. I finished all of my certification test that day. Thanks. Prompt professionals help makes a difference. - 9/15/17

My IT is awesome. Very easy to work with. - 9/18/17

Quick response. Very attentive. Understanding and patient with a non-technical person like myself! - 9/19/17

My IT was willing to assist even though we realized that I needed to contact another person for those passwords. They didn't have the "not my problem" attitude but probed to see if there was something that they could do. - 9/19/17

Your response time has been excellent. I am very encouraged by how quickly your staff responds, so if I am confident when I do have a need for your assistance it will be there. - 9/20/17


Thanks My IT. You did an awesome job and taught me that the computer is my friend. LOL - 9/21/17

Very professional and listened to me!! Thank you for a great job. - 9/22/17

You saved me from going out of my mind. Thank you. - 9/22/17

I think the tech did a great job. I told him what I needed to have accomplished and he made it happen. - 9/27/17

I like how you give fast service no matter how long it takes. - 9/28/17

Tech was helpful and very professional. He gave me a call and walked me through most things. He then gave a follow up call to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. - 9/29/17

My issue was handled professionally and immediately. - 9/29/17

My IT was quick in resolving my problem and I was back to work quickly!!! - 9/30/17

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